Scrap Metal Services in County Fermanagh

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Get money for your scrap metal

Need some extra cash for your scrap metal? Established for over 30 years we have an unrivalled knowledge of the industry ensuring you are always guaranteed to get the best price for your oversized scrap metal, lead, brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminium. We are also authorised by the DOE end of life vehicle centre issuing end of life certificates on day of scrapping which is a legal requirement

If you are finding it difficult to reach us we also offer a collection service and immediate payment on delivery, at George Gallagher Metals Ltd we ensure that we keep a competitive edge in today’s climate.

As well as collections we also do full site clearances.

Our scrap metal services include:

  • Scrap metal merchants
  • Scrap lead
  • Scrap copper
  • Scrap brass
  • Scrap aluminium
  • Collection service
  • Metal recycling
  • Official ATF
  • Scrap metal dealers
  • Scrap cars

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George Gallagher Metals Ltd
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George Gallagher Metals Ltd, registered as a limited company in Northern Ireland under company number: NI051724.